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Academic Programs

The Minnesota Design Center's Academic Programs have been developed to facilitate the ever increasing requests for better and more sustainable urban design solutions from which to respond, assess, and resolve pressing questions confronting metropolitan regions in the twenty first century. While it is true that during our last two decades the quality-of-life of American cities has improved considerably, we still fall short of restructuring our appetite for energy consumption, reducing our carbon footprint, providing better and more diverse sustainable residential design solutions in response to a wider demographic diversity, curbing our transportation policies to give way for a wiser integration of public transportation options with land use policies while designing the public space of the city - the human habitat - that offers the greatest levels of safety and comfort contributing to an even greater urban vitality and livability. The Minnesota Design Center’s academic programs respond to the above needs by providing a Graduate Certificate in Metropolitan Design and a M.S. in Metropolitan Design.

For further information, please contact:
Tom Fisher
Director, Minnesota Design Center
612-625-9000 (center)
612-624-1013 (direct)