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The Direct Design Technical Assistance (DDTA) program remains the leading outreach program at the Minnesota Design Center. First funded in 2003, thanks to generous grant support by the McKnight Foundation’s Communities and Regions Program, the DDTA program provides urban design assistance to community partners.

The DDTA program has three major objectives:

  1. To assist cities, non-profits and communities in achieving livable and sustainable development goals related to public space, transportation and land use linkages, economic and policy strategies, andĀ development design options.

  2. To help communities and decision-makers create the 21st Century city and metropolitan region and to identify the regulatory barriers and outdated assumptions in the way of doing so.

  3. To involve members of regional or local government planning and transportation agencies early on in the design assistance process and engage them as participants in dialogues about sustainable and livable communities..

For further information, please contact:
Tom Fisher
Director, Minnesota Design Center
612-625-9000 (center)
612-624-1013 (direct)